License clarification

Please view the below license and the clarification beneath the picture

1: The profile Picture

That would be you...
The profile pictures are being downloaded in real time by our license administrators when they create or update a license, so if you changed your profile picture
and want your profile picture to change, please contact one of our admins and ask for a re-upload of your license.

2: Standard licenses

The standard achievements are the achievements for the original bike race bikes: Normal, Acro, Ghost, Hog and ultra.
An achievement can have a variety of colors or shades.

3: Tourney licenses

The tourney achievements work the same as the standard achievements with the difference that pro and Elite have no different
tracks, just different times. This implies that when Elite has been done for this license, Pro has been automatically done too.
You can recognise this difference by the way the license criteria has been setup. When there are different tracks, or different
bikes (like standard achievements and some challenges), Pro and Elite have to be done separately. When only sub times differ
Pro will be added automatically when Elite is done. The Tourney bikes are: Agile Soul, Acrobat Hog, Thunder Phantom, AWD and Maniac.

4: Completion rate

Completion rate is calculated by summing your gathered points (1 for each achievement) and dividing it by the total available points.
For instance, if you have done Normal Pro, Acro Elite and Agile Soul Elite, your gathered points are 1+1+1 = 3 / 51(currently all available points) = 5.9%
Attention! Completion rate is NOT the same as the rankings. Rankings are based on achievements done which are weighed points, more on that later.

5: Points gathered

As described above, gathered points are all the achievements done by you. you will earn 1 point per achievement, regardless of its difficulty.

6: Standard awards

You will get a Standard award (platinum award, Diamond award, Pro/Elite award) when you've completed all Standard achievements.

7: Tourney awards

As you might have guessed, you will receive a Tourney award (platinum award, Diamond award, Pro/Elite award) when you've completed all Tourney achievements.

8: Seems I skipped the number 8, awesome! :P

9: Challenges

Challenges are achievements not necessarily related to 1 specific bike (although some are). They are volatile by nature and could go anywhere, content and skillwise
It is important to note that while most challenges do not have a separate Pro/Elite achievement, currently challenges 5,7,10 and 15 do have
separate achievements for Pro and Elite, either because of different tracks or different bike(s)(groups), so for you Elite veterans out there, check your licenses and
if you have done these challenges, because this has changed recently!

10: Challenge checkmark

you will receive the challenge checkmark when you've done ALL challenges including Pro and Elite for the above mentioned deviating challenges.

11: Top 50 ribbon

All players in the rankings top 50 (go here for rankings) will have a ribbon added on their license.
Rankings are based on the total gathered points by a player, but are weighed depending on the nature of the achievement.
the weighing is as follows: License > Challenge, separate achievements > single achievements, Elite > Pro.
For the nerds amongst you below in detail...

4 pts - Pro & Elite achievements (2 videos)
3.5 pts - Pro/Elite achievement (not available separately)
3 pts - Elite achievement
3 pts - Pro/Elite challenge (not available separately)
2 pts - Elite challenge
1.5 pts - Pro achievement
1 pt - Pro challenge

12: Extensions

Extensions are addidional achievements. Currently all bikes (Standard and Tourney) have 1 extension.
Those extensions are separate for Standard bikes, and single for Tourney bikes.
Typically the extensions require more skill than the original license. When you've completed an extension you will be awarded with a star beneath the corresponding bike.
when you've done all extensions (for Standard and/or Tourney bikes) you will receive an additional star under your name indicating that you've done all extensions
and are therefore awesome (and pretty damn determined!)
Again the stars come in different flavours.

In case of any questions don't be afraid to ask or mail the admin team.