First off welcome to the group!!! This is a page to obtain a semi-customized license based on your skills. You choose the bike and achievements you want to obtain a license for. It only takes one achievement to receive a license. All videos that are to be posted to get your license will have to be: 1: A screen recording of the actual run and qualifying time(no replays will be accepted) or 2: A POV video showing the actual run with the qualifying time(again no replays) Use a video editor and put all the runs together. Create an account on this page and request to link your account data to our license data (1 press of a button on the user settings page which come available after you've created an account), or join the BRPL Facebook page and post your video there. Facebook users can also make an account here. We will link your facebook ID to your account ID on this page.
WARNING: Do not say anything is easy unless you have done elite for that license. The BRPL Facebook page is not a page to post your great times or your general bike race questions. All unrelated posts will be deleted. If you have any further questions please send an e-mail to the admin team and we will do our best to address them. Thank you all for your interest in this page.
You can ask any question regarding Bike Race Pro License on our live chat page. Come in and join our members and admins and have some fun :-). If you don't have a facebook account yet, please create one, drop us an e-mail and provide your facebook account link so we can add you to our group, or alternatively but not preferably do whatever license or challenge you would like to do, post it on youtube and e-mail the link to us. We will create the license for you which you can view on this website.
As of 9/28/15 we will start requiring everyone put the sub times on all videos and their own name on the length of the video to prevent people from copying their videos. The use of a sticker (opaque object) in the video is not allowed to prevent fraude. The use of SloMo to achieve the times is prohibited!!! We do not want all your fails and non-related things in the video. Making a great video is not required but is appreciated by everyone. Add some music and some fun effects for style. (disclaimer: no extra points will be awarded for style). Check out this sample video.

Bike RacePro License