Help! How does stuff work?

Hi there! In need of some help? Below is some information on how to use some of the stuff on this page. Lets start shall we :-)

Creating a user account

Before you can use some of the stuff on this website you need a user account. You can start by hovering or clicking on Member Area in the navigation bar, and selecting Login in the dropdown.

You will see a login screen with a Sign Up button on the lower right corner of the login screen.

In the signup screen you can make an account by providing email address and password.

Use a real e-mail account. A mail will be sent to verify. After verification you can login by clicking on Member Area again in the navigation bar. TADA! you are now the proud owner of a genuine BRPL account!

Game links

New on the game links page is the filter to select a favorite bike. It will filter the game links table with your favorite bike in any favorite column. Adding your game link has moved to the user settings page. So to submit your game link you have to create an account. This also means you can edit it.

Editing personal info

Once logged in you will notice your navibar changed and it's displaying your e-mail address indicating that you are currently logged in. If you hover your e-mail address (or click it) you get a few options.

User settings

Click on User settings to edit your personal info. Most importantly you will see a link button on the right side of the page. If clicked you are letting us know you created an account and would like us to link your license data to your web user account.

Before you request a link, make sure you saved a username. If you are facebook user and have done licenses/challenges before, please provide your facebook ID, this will be the ID known to us and has all the license data linked to. If you didn't do any licenses yet you can still provide your facebook ID, but it won't have any significant advantage other than some possible advantages in the future. My advice: Provide one if you have one. After you've requested the link you can set a profile picture for yourself. This picture will be used on your profile license picture.

User Profile

This page has your profile license picture, your game link and your "thoughts" input displayed and will be visible to anyone. There is a filter where you can get other member's picture and information.

My Achievement requests

This page gives you the opportunity to request your own licenses. To do so fill in the form on the top of the page and hit request. Below there are 2 data tables. the first one will display your submitted requests, the status of those requests, and the comment for that request provided by the license admins. The second table displays your already approved licenses/challenges. Screenshot below.